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Christian USA is a Place for Christians with a Purpose.  Our purpose is to seek the Truth, Hope and Light for our nation.   christian usa

There are two things I hope you never find on the pages of Christian USA:

One is “gloom and doom.”   Please do not misunderstand me.  There is plenty wrong with America today.  Most of it has a spiritual basis.  And I promise to look those problems right in the eye.  We will not flinch from reality.  But every exposure of the harsh reality needs to be balanced with another reality:  The love and mercy of Jesus Christ.  He is always the answer to every problem.

At Christian USA, you will find truth about reality, but the balance of the Hope and Light for solutions.

Categorical thinking or attitudes is the second thing I hope you never find at Christian USA.  Even among Christians, each individual is at a different place in their relationship with the Lord.  We are not all alike.  But that does not mean that some of us have “it” and some others still need “it.”  We all need “it” at all times.  We need Him.  We need the Lord.  The journey is not over until it is over.  We cannot be categorical or judgmental in respect to others.

The one thing I do hope you will always find at Christian USA is love .   Certainly Christians should love the Lord and love one another.  But we should also love our nation.  And we should love our fellow citizens regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.  We do not have to agree with everyone.  We should certainly challenge that which is wrong.  But without love we cannot serve the Lord.

At Christian USA we believe you and I have a responsibility.  We have been given a mission.  We have responsibility to, and responsibility for, our nation and all its people.  It is a Scriptural Truth. 

That is correct my friend.  If you are sitting in your easy-chair dreaming about picking out a mansion in the sweet by-and-by, we hope to wake you up.  We hope to make you uncomfortable, but grateful for the experience.  In fact, we hope to inspire you to “put on the whole armor of God.”  Then pick up your sword and fight. 

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